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Being open with our clients and listening to their concerns makes us one of the most transparent Forex brokers in the market. We aim to provide the industry’s best customer service where feedback is turned into tangible results.

Technology and research

At EBH we are constantly looking to “sharpen the saw” – research and development is one of our biggest operations as we aim to expand our product offering to clients. The Forex industry is expanding at an ever increasing rate and our goal is to stay ahead of the curve, and the competition.

Trading environment

Our clients must feel as comfortable as possible when tackling the Forex market. The goal here then is to provide an environment that both respects the trader, by furnishing our account with some of the most competitive trading conditions on the market, and coupling that with rapid market execution to give our traders everything they need, and all in one place.

Rollover Policy

Rollover Policy

Our foreign exchange and precious metals products are dealt on a “spot” basis only. This means that all trades are settled two business days from inception, as per market convention. We do not arrange physical delivery of currencies or precious metals; hence all positions left open from 23:59:45 to 23:59:59 (Server time) will be rolled over to a new value date. As a result, positions are subject to a swap charge or credit as specified in the table below.

Note: When you roll an open position from Wednesday to Thursday on trade date basis, Monday of the following week becomes the new value date, not Saturday. Therefore, the rollover charge on a Wednesday evening will be three times the value indicated in the table.

Swap is indicated in fractional pips (pippets). Pippet is equal to 1/10 of pip. Pipet is a minimum change in a quote.

Please select base currency of your account:

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Symbol Swap (pips) Swap value
Long Short Long Short
EURUSD -9.242 5.437
GBPUSD -6.561 3.859
USDCHF 2.582 -8.608
USDJPY 3.06 -10.2
CHFJPY -3.848 2.263
EURCHF 0.438 -1.46
EURGBP -2.618 1.54
EURJPY -3.883 2.284
GBPCHF 0.518 -1.726
GBPJPY 1.26 -4.2
AUDUSD -0.099 0.058
NZDUSD 0.168 -0.56
USDCAD 0.882 -2.94
AUDCHF 1.92 -6.4
EURAUD -13.923 8.19
EURCAD -8.211 4.83
GBPAUD -9.242 5.437
GBPCAD -4.125 2.427
AUDJPY 2.328 -7.76
CADCHF 1.206 -4.018
CADJPY 1.56 -5.2
NZDCHF 2.004 -6.68
NZDJPY 2.436 -8.12
AUDCAD 0.215 -0.716
AUDNZD -1.388 0.817
NZDCAD 0.9 -3
EURNZD -14.677 8.633
GBPNZD -19.278 11.34
EURNOK -37.961 22.33
EURTRY -70.289 41.347
EURZAR -449.939 264.67
USDMXN -138.833 81.667
USDNOK 8.352 -27.84
USDRUB -916.3 53.9
USDSEK 19.332 -64.44
USDSGD -1.587 0.933
USDTRY -146.806 86.357
USDZAR -305.433 179.667
XAGUSD -1.137 0.669 Metals
XAUUSD -8.963 5.272 Metals

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