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Compensation plans

Compensation plans

Volume-based plan

The volume-based plan does exactly what it says on the tin. The higher the volume your introduced clients generate, the higher the commission we pay to you and we do so on a monthly basis. So, if you’re expecting to introduce some long-term high rollers, maybe this plan is the one for you.


Our CPA plan is connected to the amount of traders you bring to us on a monthly basis and their country of residency. We pay a fixed lump sum, ranging from $80 – $600, for an introduced funded client who meets our trading volume requirements. This would be perfect for those clients who trade, but maybe not every day.

Hybrid plan

The hybrid plan aims to simply bring you the best of the volume-based and CPA plans. If you’re unsure exactly how your introduced clients are going to trade, this could be the perfect combination for you. The hybrid plan offers 50% of the CPA fixed fee and 50% of the rate for volume-based.

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